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Related article: From: Davey
Subject: Story: Easter Holiday Chapter Six
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 10:45:00 +0100
Organization: SwansThe Easter Holiday Chapter 6"Hey steady on," gasped Andy as the hand squeezed tighter."Sorry,pal,it was irresistable.They look so good.But I am off home for
my lunch.See you at the bar." And off went David.And downstairs went Andy in search of his own lunch, but he found it
hard to eat as amateur young tits he contemplated what was in store for him later at the
barn.It was about 2.30 that Andy left on his mission.He noticed Tawse in the
distance and wondered if he would be followed.He had not mentioned his
pending appointment to Tawse.He took a roundabout route where there were plenty of bushes in which he
could hide and look back.All seemed clear.As he approached the barn he saw a boy standing outside.This must be
Paul,he thought.He was right for the boy challenged him by asking if he
were Andy."Yes,I am.You must be Paul.Do we go in now?"!Not so fast mate," said Paul,looking around.Noting that there was no
one else in sight he pulled Andy into a tiny room."You dont go in ther for a while yet.As I am lookout today and dont get
to join in the fun inside I get the choice to have my bit of fun before
you go in.""Your bit of fun?" Andy said."Yes,with you.Take off your shoes and socks."Andy, remembering davids instructions did as he was told."Now,hands behind yo nude young
your back.Legs apart."Again Andy obeyed.He felt his prick rising inside his jeans.Paul noticed
it and palmed his crotch.Andy got even harder as the other boys hand
stayed there.Paul then undid the belt of Andys jeans and removing it
threw it on the floor."Turn round.Legs apart.Bend over."Once again Andy little young tits obeyed, and felt Pauls hands on his jean covered
bum.Then a finger sliding dow the crack of his arse.Next a hand felt
through and squeezed his balls gently."That feels great.Now i am going to have a look.Stand up and face me."As
Andy stood there,hands still behind his back, the other lad unzipped the
jeans and undid the top of them completely.Then his tee shirt was pulled
up under his armpits."Not bad,not bad at all," said Paul, feeling Andys tits and then giving
his belly a slap.He then slowly pulled down Andys jeans as far as his
knees.And then he lit a cigarette and leaned against the wall, leaving
Andy standing ther,half naked, with his cock straining in his briefs.When he had finished his fag,Paul stepped closer to Andy and once again
cupped his bulge."You are enjoying this,you dirty little bugger,arent you?""Yes," gasped Andy."Sit on the floor and lift your feet up."Paul took the legs of the jeans in each hand and told Andy to put his
hands on the floor and lift his arse.When this was done Paul pulled the
jeans right off aand threw them aside."On your feet and back in position,"Paul rapped.Andy got quickly to his feet and naked young people
stood to attention, very much aware of
the lump in the front of his pants."Put those fucking hands behind your back,"ordered Paul sharply."Gee,"thought Andy,"This guy is not too friendly.""Now.Tee shirt off.Quickly!!"Andy had his tee shirt off in a flash and now was only in his pants.The
air was chilly but sweat was running down his body.Paul lit another
cigarette and stood back again."Damn!" thought Andy,"This guy certainly likes to take his young fucking kids time and my
fucking prick is getting sore from being hard for so long.I could do
with a wank right now."Paul then stepped forward, pullled the waistband of Andys pants out and
looked down to see his rampant cock.Then,he pulled the waistband
downwards and hooked it under Andys balls, then moved back again to
finish his fag.Just then the door from the barn opened and a boy put his head in and
said,"How long are you oing to be Paul.If we have to wait much longer we
are all going to shoot our loads."Then looking at Andy the boy hooted,"Oh look,Hooked balls.Nice one
Paul.""I wont be long,Peter.Give me five masterbation young girls
minutes," answered Paul.And with that
the boy shut the door again."OK," said Paul,"On your knees and open your mouth."And he lowered his
jeans and pants revealing an erect uncircumcised cock of about the same
size as Andy.Kneeling with his balls still hooked by his pants Andy
rolled back the skin to reveal the pink knob before engulfing it in his
mouth.After a couple of minutes he swithed to the balls and licked young stories incest at the,"Stand up.Pants off.Turn round and bend over."Andy quickly obeyed and was naked and bending over as he heard Paul
ripping open a condom.He felt Pauls cock slide between his cheeks and
then enter him.A quick thrust and he was in to his balls.It shaved young felt great
to Andy but did not last long.A final thrust and Paul emptied himself
into the condom.As he withdrew he gave Andys arse a slap and told him to put just his
pants back on and to stand facing the door.He then took a tie and a
scarf out of his pockets and told Andy to put his hands behind his back.He then secured Andys wrists with the tie, and used the scarf to
blindfold him.Andy heard Paul open the door and say,"He's ready." and a voice
answered,"And we are ready too.""Start walking,"ordered Paul and Andy walked young teen anal and heard the door close
behind him.He sensed many eyes gazing at him,and breathed heavily,as he
moved forward,knowing that bhis bulge was pulsing for all to see."Stop." a voice rapped and Andy halted.
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